Monday, November 7, 2011

When it gets too quiet

You know something is up.  A beautiful fall day, Carter and Luke were outside for hours.  After few hours, I realized that I had not heard from them.  They usually come in and out looking for food, drinks and things for project/game.

I found out what they were doing.  A special needs jogger stroller is being stored in our barn (in the back of our property).  The stroller is large, too big for Brayden at the moment, about the size for a large child.

At some point, the boys thought it would be a great idea to push each other, and then the dog, down the hill in the special needs jogger.  The hill in our backyard is a steep hill. Some how they convinced the dog over and over again to go for a ride.

Telling the dog to load, pushing/running down the hill and the dog bailing at the bottom.

I missed some the best rides, I was running in to get the cameras.
But it looks like the dog might be going sledding this year...

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