Friday, November 18, 2011

Elder William Brewster

The third grade classes of Waterford elementary invited family to a trip on the Mayflower and to take part in the first Thanksgiving.

First the students invited the parents outside for the Mayflower.  Seats for the family to "come aboard" and the students in a large V to help with the shape of the boat.  The students recited a skit about the troubles of traveling oversees back in the day.

After the boat trip, we headed inside where the students greeted the families and escorted them to their place setting.  Then we were treated to a play about those early settlers and first Thanksgiving.  Carter was Elder William Brewster.

We feasted on a real Thanksgiving dinner, complete with all the fixings, that the students prepared during the week (only the turkey was done by parents at home).  Carter was the most excited about the pumpkin pie they made.

At the conclusion of the dinner, we watched a video.  The students made pictures and talked about what they were thankful for and the teachers told a little bit about each students.  Super cute video and quite a production to make a very special day.

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