Thursday, January 13, 2011

Carter - Student of the Week

Carter is the student of the week.

Highlights for being student of the week:
  • Make a poster about yourself that hangs in the room - Carter sat at the computer and selected all of the photos to describe him. Then wrote little comments about them. He wrote: I play soccer, football and basketball; I have two brothers; I like to go on adventures; I love animals; I like sweet treats, Yum!; I like fishing; I have lots of family members; I am eight years old; and Watch out that turkey is frozen!

  • You get to choose your job for the week in the classroom - Carter decided on Calendar Helper

  • Have lunch with the principal - The principal called home a couple of weeks ago to say that she and Carter's teacher were impressed with Carter's math abilities, that he was excelling and to keep up the good work (he is now working on multiplication and liking it)

  • A certificate

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