Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

An early morning with little boys and their excitement for Christmas morning. First the stockings, Carter and Luke digging in to find all the fun goodies. Then, breakfast, made by Jeremy. While Carrie gets Brayden situated to come downstairs and join the festivities.

After breakfast, Carter and Luke sort out all of the presents, carefully reading the tags and trying to guess what their presents may contain. Before it is time to open the gifts, Jeremy reads from the Bible and prays. Carter and Luke were thrilled to give each other the gifts they had picked out. Brayden snuggled with daddy while enjoying some of his new Christmas items.

After a good Christmas mess was made, we shower up and head to Carrie's parent's home for the remainder of the day. Their house is a mountain of presents, a room filled with people and gifts. Papa starts off the day with a reading of the Christmas story.

Hours of unwrapping the gifts. Then Christmas dinner and dessert (singing Happy Birthday to Jesus).

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful! The Christmas Eve photos were beautiful, too!