Friday, February 12, 2010

The snow from the outside

Where to start with snow like this...
Snow storm after snow storm.

It started with a storm that brought 36 inches of snow to Waterford. The 2nd storm brought about another 16 inches but hard to tell because it came with ferocious winds that caused drifts that where many feet high.

The roads around Waterford have been closed so the plows for the development are no where in sight.

Jeremy's ATV plow cannot do drifts that are 5ft nor can a regular snow plow so we waited on special trucks to come in.

The snow has been so deep that Jeremy opted for his waders when working diligently to clean the snow.

Carter and Luke trekked outside for some fun.

Had lunch in their snow fort.

Jumped off the snow mounds.

The dog loves the snow. Luke said she looks like a carousel, going up and down and up and down. She finds the highest pile of snow and sits there like king of the mountain.

Jeremy cooked up some dinner after digging out the grill.






Brayden was outside in spirit, he was showing his support with his snow removal shirt.
And I was there, taking pictures of it all.

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Beth Demorest said...

seriously, that is a ton of snow. how many days did the kids miss of school? i love that jeremy grilled out! nothing can come between a man and his grill!