Friday, February 12, 2010

It sure looks pretty

Our road...what you can't see a road? We haven't either for many days (photo from our neighborhood down the road).

But check out the two posts below about how were are doing.

I think Luke said it best...

He was walking down the steps, talking to himself (which he does). He did not see me sitting at the computer. I watched him look outside. He let out a big sigh and shoke his hands in disgust and muttered to himself, "I am sick of this, just sick of this."


the deKorne family said...

ok, it does look beautiful...and you are amazing for being such a trooper-AND, having enough supplies to feed the whole neighborhood...much less have a bunch of kids eating on your carpet. :) glad you survived!!

April said...

Thanks for saying "Hi" on Caleb's wink blog! You have a beautiful family!! I hope that Spring finds you soon and the snow starts melting!! ;)