Friday, November 28, 2008

DC with kids

Jeremy's cousin and family, the Ross gang, stayed at our house for the weekend (in town to celebrate Grandma Sommerfeld's 90th). We decided to head into Washington DC. First stop was at the EPA's headquarters, an amazing and interesting building. A brief stop at my dad's office, he was not there but we sat in his office to feed the kids, then headed to the White House for a few photo ops. Our photo is in front of the White House Christmas tree.

After the photo shoot we walked to the Smithsonian Museum of American History. Before heading there Jeremy and the boys dined on treats from a street vendor (yikes).

Finally at the museum we only made it into 2 of the exhibits. The place was wall to wall people. The museum had only been reopened for a few weeks and apparently everyone else thought it was a good idea to see it the day after Thanksgiving. The boys enjoyed the Invention at Play, where they created wind mills amongst other things. Then we head to America on the Move to see the trains, ships, buses and cars. They hopped on the Chicago L for a ride and walked the machine room of an ocean liner. After that we were done, the kids were done and we headed home.

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