Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Butter, Jello and Thanks

Carter's kindergarten class invited the parents to join them for a Thanksgiving treat. The class prepared a video. The video was a picture of each child and a drawing about what they were thankful for. Each child spoke about their drawing. Carter was thankful for his parents and family because he loves them.

His head dress tells a story about a boy who went on a journey to find a bear.
The children shared corn bread and butter, made by the class, for everyone to enjoy.

Luke's preschool hosted a Thanksgiving lunch. Brayden & I joined Luke for some yummy food. Luke, not being a big eater, dined on a roll and orange jello.
And Luke said he was thankful for his dog.
FYI, we have no dog and Luke is deathly afraid of them. He told me he is thankful for his dog that he will have some day.