Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night

We spent Christmas this year in our sleigh (the Land Cruiser) visiting from house to house. We started the events on Saturday and continued until Tuesday.
Day One
Dinner with my mom’s side of the family. Everyone dressed up and headed for a dinner at South Mountain Inn; a group of 13 adults and 7 children that were in the middle of the restaurant. Thankfully everyone behaved themselves and had a great time.
Later that evening we headed to Uncle Rob’s house. Carter and Luke apparently ambushed any adult that came in the basement with some shooting discs. If Luke’s didn’t work then he came in for a tackle. Luke asked every adult around to get him more dessert. Not many said no to him.
Day Two
Dinner and presents with my side of the family. This is always fun one. Mounds of food and mounds of presents. Carter and Luke marveled at the piles of presents and used all of their will power not to tear into them immediately. Brayden slept peacefully during most of the excitement.
Day Three
Dinner and presents with Jeremy’s mom, dad, siblings and their children. Enchiladas were on the menu for this evening. The children ate their dinner quickly, we sang a few Christmas songs and then the paper was flying. Presents were being handed out, the children were ripping them open, paper was every where, we are all shouting thank yous and “wow look what I got” over everyone. Some how we did all of this in about two hours and managed to squeeze in Jeremy’s father’s birthday presents and cake.
Day Four
The morning at home. Carter sorted all of the presents before everyone was awake. This year the big present was a children’s John Deere Gator. The boys were so excited they drove it around in the cold while still in their pajamas. Brayden had a great morning; thankfully all of the excitement did not seem to affect him much.
Later that afternoon we headed to Grandpa and Grandma Jenkins’ home for more food and presents. I am pretty sure Luke only ate dessert.
After the days of going none stop, Carter, Luke and Brayden went to bed that evening at six o’clock and we did not hear from them until the next morning. We had a wonderful Christmas this year!


Grace said...

Carrie, the John Deere looks like so much fun!! Sounds like a very busy Christmas. I love Carter's comments on the left... sounds like a very creative and curious boy :)

Happy New Year.

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