Friday, December 7, 2007

What's on Brayden's Mind? Dec 5th

Brayden went in for another EEG to look at his brain activity. We were supposed to have a meeting with the neurologist but the inclement weather and traffic caused us to miss the appointment. A usual 50 minute drive turned into a 2 hour and 20 minute drive. We did arrive in enough time to have the EEG at Children's. Brayden does not like for his head or face to be touched by anyone at anytime so we knew that the EEG was going to be a challenge. Over 25 electrodes needed to be placed on his head. He fought the tech, Jeremy held him down and I held his face. He wore himself out and rested once all of the electrodes were place. Once all are on then he is watched for about 30-40 mintues. The fun part is getting all of the gel/paste off of his head.

We have not heard all of results of the EEG results yet. We did get a brief message from the neurologist which said it looks like his it not having infantile spams, which is an answer to pray. The infantile spams are a bad seizure and hard to control with medication. The EEG did show some activity but we are waiting for the full details from the doctor.
UPDATE: We talked with the neurologist. There are no signs of infantile seizures. The EEG showed lots of abnormal activity on the left side of his brain. We always assumed that this was the most effected side because of the way his seizures look. The doctor will continue to watch him over the next several months. The current goal is for him to be seizure free for one month and then we could start bringing him off of one of his medications.

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