Friday, February 13, 2015

Luke's Big Poetry Moment

Part of being a student at Waterford Elementary is mastering the art of public speaking.  It starts from the early years and continues all the way through.  One of the big public speaking tasks is the Sir Speaks A Lot program.  The first part of the it is reciting a poem.  They recite their poem for the class and if you "win" in class then you move on to do it in front of the entire school and parents.  Each grade is given a theme; for 4th grade the theme was Science.

I found several poems that met the requirements (theme and amount of lines) and then Luke selected his favorite.  He decided to do "Chemistry Class".

Luke and Carter realized that he could use dry ice as a prop (they love that stuff, we have used it for ice cream parties to keep everything cold).  They begged me to get some...and it worked great.  Luke did a wonderful job in his class so he moved on to do it for the entire school.  He did amazing!

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