Saturday, July 26, 2014

2 tickets to MX

Jeremy planned a getaway for us.  Carter and Luke at camp, Brayden at home with around the clock care (first time we have attempted that), so off we went to Cancun...where the water was beautiful, the resort was luxourious, the food was delicious and the rest plentiful.

At the JW.

Heading out for dinner (whenever we wanted not when the kids needed).
Having a great concierge to get us tables at fabulous restaurants, eating so much.
Then time on the wave runners (one for Jeremy and one for Carrie), a little speed in the ocean (and perhaps a wave runner crashing into my leg leaving a bruise the size of my leg but still fun).  Rented two days.
A time at the spa for Carrie.
We spent the morning working out, then off to an amazing breakfast at the resort (thus the working out because there may have been churros on our breakfast plates).  The day spent at the beach, in the cabana, sometimes a dip in the pool, absolute relaxation (helps when people are there to bring you drinks and food at any time).  Then the evening with a late dinner at some delicious restaurant.  Just a few days in MX but oh so amazing.

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