Thursday, May 1, 2014

Breaking Records

Like many boys, Luke lives for recess and PE at school.  The pacer test was on his mind (I am not super clear on the test, something about running the length of the gym in a certain amount of time and with each time the time to get back and forth gets shorter and shorter, one must get back before times runs out.  If you make time you move on to the next.).

Luke knew his pacer test for PE was the next day.  He very specifically set out his clothes and shoes the night before.

He came bursting off the bus that day...he beat the school record, as a 3rd grader, he set the new school record for as long as they have been doing this (he got 94 laps).  He was on cloud nine and all of his friends were so excited for him as well.

A couple of days later, it was Carter's turn to run the pacer test.  And he beat Luke and set the new school record (he got 95).

Luke still has the record for 3rd grade and Carter now has it for 5th/school.  I joined them for lunch to get a quick picture.
The other names listed are the girls records.  The boys records are the second one listed as mountain lions.

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