Sunday, February 16, 2014

To ski or not ski

After the boys great start to skiing just a few days ago, we headed up as a family to Ski Liberty (Brayden resting nicely at home with his nurse).  Jeremy is a long time skier, a lot in his youth and college days.  I, however, skied once, back when Jeremy and I where did not go well...Jeremy and I learned that we do not work well in those situations (teaching me to ski in snow or water...yikes).  And my first time, I may have yelled (or cursed at, depending on who you ask) at my soon-to-be father-in-law at the time...who I am hoping now, only looks back on that ski trip with fond memories.  Needless to say, this whole skiing thing is now all about the boys in my house.  Jeremy was ready to get back to it and Carter and Luke falling in love with it immediately.

We went the Sunday of President's weekend right after our major snow storms.  It was a busy place.  We got all the gear together (and Jeremy begrudgingly wore a helmet to be a good example for the boys but I am pretty sure that was the first and last time for him) and headed out.
I signed up for a class and a piece of humble pie.  The instructor was sweet.  The others in my class were two little elementary school girls, a grandma and a poor Asian guy that couldn't speak English and some how always ending up skiing backwards or sliding into the trees.  And then there was me.
My class went well (while the boys were off skiing) and then we all skied together as a family...and I moved off the bunny slope.
 We headed in for a quick dinner and then right back to skiing.  They could not get enough!  By the end I was acting the way I expected the kids to...I was cold and tired, they wanted to keep going.
Seriously lots of fun.  Way more fun than I ever expected.  Carter has taken to skiing so naturally and is ridiculously comfortable with it (and for him that is HUGE, since he is usually our slow to warm up and get comfortable one).  Luke found his grove and zipped down the mountain...he may have had a lecture about control over speed.  It was a blast to see them do it so well and only being their second time.  More often than not they were all waiting on me going down the mountain, at my own leisurely pace but they slowed down to check on me every time.  And what a sweet time to be riding on the lift with them, just talking and listening to them.

We skied from about 4:00 till 9:30 p.m.  It was packed but beautiful in the evening with snow flakes falling.  It did start to get cold and we realized how cold when we got in the car and realized the temp was only in the 20s.  My camera and phone would freeze or fog up from the wet cold so there were not many pictures (so not like me but was having enough fun that I didn't care).

A lot of success on our first little ski trip.  And planning our next one soon.

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