Friday, November 22, 2013

Luke's Thanksgiving

A Thanksgiving tradition at Waterford Elementary happens in 3rd grade.  The 3rd graders ask family and friends to join them on the Mayflower (kids line up in shape of boat outside).
Then move inside to meet the first Pilgrims and Native Americans that helped them.  Escorted to our seats with place settings.

Luke was Elder William Brewster, a nice size speaking part (he was so proud that he worked hard to memorize it and not be nervous).

After the show, we have a Thanksgiving feast, turkey and all.  The children helped make most of the meal.
Such a sweet memory of being at Waterford.  Grammy, Mimi, and myself joined Luke this year (the same as when Carter was in 3rd and Luke had the same character as Carter, complete coincidence).

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