Monday, December 31, 2012

Celebrate 90

A trip to Gastonia, NC to celebrate Great-Grandpa Johnson's 90th birthday (aka Great-Grandpa-at-the-beach, as my boys call him).

A lot of family, a lot of laughter, a lot of food and a lot of fun.

The dinner, with good 'ol southern cookin'.  I had some fried okra, yum.
Then Uncle Lee, Grandpa's younger brother shared from their father's Bible.
Of course, things could not be too serious for long...Uncle Lee brought gifts for everyone.  Many years ago, the Johnson family would do a big gift exchange and pick names throughout the extended family.  No one wanted Uncle Lee to get their name since he apparently because notorious for not sending the gift.  So he brought everyone gifts, some crazy some sweet.
The kids were there taking it all in.  And of course spreading lots of love.
 Then onto Cousin Neil's house for more party.  Lots of laughing and lots of pictures.
Grandpa with his siblings.  He is the oldest (they have one more sister, Aunt Joanne that passed away several years ago), such a great bunch!
Pictures with each of the families there (only a few families were not able to make the trip...and of course they were missed!).
Then on to more fun...
And we had to finish off the night with more food at a local ice cream shop.  Some how, someone in the family convinced my boys that in North Carolina they could eat dessert first.
Then staying in a hotel with a pool.  Lots more noise and chaos!  A great weekend.

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