Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day of School 2012

Carter heading to 4th grade at Waterford.  Luke to 2nd grade at Waterford.

Brayden to his special ed preschool at Catoctin.

We started the morning with a special breakfast (homemade donuts).  Carter and Luke to catch their bus at 7:15 a.m. Brayden was still in bed since his bus comes this year at 10:00 a.m.
They indulged me with pictures.
They both seemed tired when they got home but perked up after a celebratory milkshake.  They talked and showed me all of the things from their first day of school.  Luke with all of the first day of school paperwork. Carter with his first real binder with tabs for the subjects.

Great start to the school year.

A little story about Luke.  Before school started his teacher asked the children to bring in items, the first day, that would describe themselves.  Luke decorated a bag.  He was very thoughtful and intentional about his selections.  He had to explain why he chose these items:
Magic Treehouse book - He likes those books because they make him use his imagination
Football - plays football
Wrestling Ribbon - Wrestles and wants to win more ribbons
Basketball card - He likes to play basketball
Taylor University ball - he wants to go to college
However he was not thrilled with a "handsome" shirt, as he calls any shirt with buttons, for the first day of school.  He agreed that he wanted to dress nice for the first day of school but he wanted to wear sports gear under his "handsome" clothes so he could change them at school...apparently to be ready for any chance to play sports.

He made it all day in his "handsome" clothes but as soon as he got home, he put on gym shorts and a Redskins jersey.

Carter however likes to wear just about anything...including "handsome" shirts.

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Andrea said...

Is Luke a leftie?? Ellie and Caleb are. I have a couple cousins on my side who are as well but didn't know if there were any Sommerfelds walking around as south paws. =)