Saturday, December 10, 2011

Drive-Thru Nativity

A cold winter night.  The boys and I head out to a live drive through nativity.

We popped lots of popcorn, bagged up some candy, made some yummy hot chocolate and loaded into the car.  About an hour wait to make it in but it was fun, we listened to Christmas music and ate snacks.  
Once we made it to the top of the hill, we were greeted (from someone of Biblical times) and enter the gates to Bethlehem.  Once inside we watched a dozen or so, different live scenes, depicting the Christmas story.  We would pull in front of each scene and watch them act it out.
We took turns reading the Bible verses, telling each other what we knew about that first Christmas. 

There were also live animals there (donkeys, goats, camels. etc.).  Which sparked a particular conversation:
Carter, "Why is donkey a bad word?"
Carrie, "Do you mean the word they use in the Bible for donkey?"
Carter, "Yes, you know the a**."
Carrie (trying not to chuckle), "Yes that is a bad word because of they way people use it."
Luke (just catching on), "Yeah, can we use that word?"
Carrie, "No."
Oh there was still more to that conversation...

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Abby said...

this sounds like a really neat place to visit...where was this?