Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Luray Caverns

Off for an adventure to Luray Caverns, with our friends the Olivers!

A stop on the road for Brayden's seizure...a stop for Starbucks (the kids got some too) and we finally made it.

Before the caverns we dashed (and I mean the kids ran and the mommies trailed behind, sometimes the kids running back to guide us) through the garden maze.  Four stops to get four stamps.  I think they did it in record time.

All of the kids were fascinated with the caverns.  They stayed right next to the guide the entire time, listening and looking so intently.  You could here them with some Ooos, Ahhs, and cool!

Brayden enjoyed the quiet and darkness of the caverns.  He rode a long wheelchair lift down and up the flight of stairs to get in and out of the caverns...made my palms sweat a bit.

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