Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pool is fun!

Well, we are now the proud owners of a pool.  A pool in our backyard.  Ask us if we like it...well ask after the trauma of having it built is long in the past.

The boys are enjoying the pool.  Non-stop action.

The first weekend we could swim in pool became interesting...
First we had a massive storm hit the area...not to mention our pool, that we cannot vacuum yet.  So we, by hand and brush, picked out many, many branches, twigs and leaves.  Surrounding the pool deck is still mud since landscaping has not happened quite yet, thus lovely Loudoun clay has washed upon our new pool deck and into the pool.

After all the cleaning, the boys rode their ATVs around in the backyard.  Having fun but we know to watch Luke.  However we did not watch Luke close enough because he ran into the new fence...brand new pool fence, taken out by Luke on his ATV.

We did talk to him about riding safely.  He told us, he has already, "fallen off the ATV some but it is okay because I roll away a couple of times and I am fine."  Oh boy...

Back to the pool.  We are slowly getting to the stage of fully enjoying it.  Oh and the dog sneaks in a swim...and will not get out.  The dog has not been allowed in the pool or inside the pool gate but on hot days if the boys (Luke really) does not close the gate fast enough, in comes Gander, down the stairs of the pool paddling away.

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