Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cast off, Brace on for Luke

Luke's cast came off this morning.  He was nervous about the appointment, concerned about how they cut off the cast.  He made sure Jeremy could come too.
A few x-rays and things have been healing nicely.

The cast was removed.  Yes, it was dirty inside...dirt, pieces of leaves (perhaps from the recent camping at the lake), and it smelled.
I think he thought his arm would immediately feel better and he could use it right away.  His arm was very tender and was not feeling great, he seemed concerned that he could not use it yet.  He will have a brace on for about two weeks which he can take off to sleep and shower...we like clean.

I dropped him off at school with orders from the doctor to lay low, no sports or craziness, stay off the arm for a bit longer.

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