Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tooth pulling at school

We have been working and working on pulling Luke's other big tooth. 

When Luke was just a tot, about 2 years old, he fell going up the stairs (not uncommon for him), blood gushing and all.  He rushed him to the doctor then to the dentist.  At first alarmed that his baby tooth was no where to be found, and after x-rays, the dentist discovered that the baby tooth was jammed back up into the gums.  About a year later, that baby tooth made its way back out.  A couple of years after that we have been curious as to how it would all play out once the big tooth needed to come.

That baby tooth was holding on like none other and the big tooth was pushing out behind it.  Jeremy tried to pull it.  Carrie tried to pull it.  Carter tried to pull it.  Luke tried to pull it.  Luke brushed his teeth 10 times day and night in hopes it would help it come out.

One day after school, Luke comes running up with a huge hole in his mouth.  He declares that another teacher pulled it out!  He was told that a 3rd grade teacher was the best tooth puller around.  Luke got to choose two friends to accompany him to the 3rd grade classroom.  In front of the third grade class, the teacher pulled out Luke's tooth.  Then Luke received a certificate and an envelope with the tooth for the tooth fairy.

I don't think he will let anyone else ever pull his teeth other than that teach.  Between the teacher and the special treatment, it made tooth pulling quite exciting.

He was so grateful that he made a card for the tooth fairy and the teacher.

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