Friday, February 4, 2011

Carter to the Hospital

Carter started feeling bad last Thursday. He vomited several times. Friday, he was feeling better. Saturday, he played basketball in the morning; on the way home he got sick. Sunday, he stayed home. Monday, he went to school and then to basketball practice. After practice he refused to eat, complained of stomach pain and started crying from the pain. Tuesday he played a bit in the morning but by the afternoon he was doubled over in pain. His stomach large and hard. He would not get out of bed for anything. We called the pediatrician, they told us to go to the ER.

At the ER, they treated him as though it could be his appendix. Blood work, an ultrasound...inconclusive so a CAT scan. Carter is miserable and crying, then forced to drink the barium for the scan. He is crying, "Daddy, pray for me. Daddy, pray for me."

He got the scan, no appendicitis but an enlarged colon. Carter was admitted to the hospital from Tuesday - Thursday. A period of time on IV fluids then onto light diet.

He had many visitors. Lots of gifts, which he showed off to the nurses. His class sent him cards, which he poured over and grinned from ear to ear as he read them all (such a sweet group of kids in his class).

Luke missed him and wanted to stay. He kicked off his shoes and crawled into bed with Carter. According to them to room had a cool bed, awesome video games and good movies. As I was unpacking Luke's backpack for the day, I found his watercolor from art. He painted the hospital bed when visited with Carter. It says "I went to see brother." (the picture will only load into the blog sideways for some reason)
Carter's enlarged colon was from an unknown cause, possibly due to an infection. He is to have minimal activity for several days and slowly introduced a normal diet. His pain is gone and wants to eat.

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