Monday, August 9, 2010

We are officially dog people

Yes, we have had a dog for over a year now. A black lab named Gander. She has really become part of the family. Follows Jeremy around and plays (or gets in trouble) with Luke.
Last week Gander got sick (in the house of course when Jeremy is not there). The days following, she would not eat. The vet came to see her. We have a mobile vet that comes to the house. Not sure what the problem was, he tried a few things.

Gander still not eating, our mobile vet sent her to the pet hospital. More tests, still not sure what was going on. An X-ray...there was an obstruction...means an operation.

The conversation took place. If the obstruction was a big deal (meaning lots of damage and lots of money) then she needed to be put down. Go ahead with the surgery but if things were not looking good then she was to be put down.

The operation found that she had swallowed a ball (which we think she swiped from her sister, who is owned by Jeremy's parents). The ball came out, she has staples on 2/3 of her stomach and every dog's favorite thing...the cone.

She is doing much better. In fact a little too good because she needs to take it easy.

We said we would never spend that much on a dog...well, never say never.

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Beth Demorest said... is amazing what you will do when a dog is apart of your family! I'm so glad everything worked out.