Sunday, June 20, 2010

10 missed calls

So after I was done volunteering a Carter's carnival, I grab my phone...10 missed calls.

First thought, something happened to Brayden, but then I looked through who called...Jeremy, his dad, his mom. If it was Brayden, his nurse would have called. Then I realized, Luke was with Jeremy at the farm. Could it be Luke?

I called and called Jeremy, his dad, his mom and NO one answered! I finally got through to Jeremy. Calmly, he said, "I am at the ER. I was hurt at the farm." He went on to explain that he was cutting back some limbs when one limb came down, sliced through his jeans and cut his leg.

Thankfully Jeremy's uncle was there, he ran for help and found Jeremy's dad. Meanwhile Jeremy is way back in the farm, holding together his knee. Luke is there with him. Jeremy calls 911. But he is right by the Potomac River (which divides MD and VA). His call was sent to MD, they had to get him to VA.

Luke was handling it okay. He asked, "Daddy are you going to be okay?".

Jeremy went by ambulance to the ER. Luke rode with him, holding daddy's wallet.

Jeremy's knee was split open. A 4-5 inch vertical gash. So deep that, as Luke told me, "I could see his knee cap!" 16 stitches and a big leg brace. He may have damaged a tendon so he will see a surgeon early in the week.

Luke hung out in the ER with Jeremy. He has certainly been exposed to the hospitals enough so he was telling the nurses what the monitors were for...Dr. Luke may be in his future.

Jeremy is not able to walk much, stairs are not happening and it only feels better when propped up with ice.
Farm is supposed to be for fun, right?


Courtney said...

oh no! THAT'S why his parents had the boys at church this morning....

Melissa said...

Here's praying for a quick and full recovery!