Thursday, May 27, 2010

The last, last day of preschool

Luke's last day of preschool.
He was thrilled. He did love preschool but has been asking when it was his turn for kindergarten.

He has done great in preschool. Three years of it. All the teachers were wonderful. The kiddos in the class were sweet. And he learned a lot.

He loves to tell you his full address and phone number; sound out words to prove that he is on his way to reading; and add up some numbers to show his math skills.

Above all he likes to organize games (like superheroes) for his preschool friends to play on the playground.

Luke was good in class but needed daily (perhaps minute by minute) reminders to be quiet, talk when it was his turn, trying to learn that every thought he has does not need to come out of his mouth immediately.

On his way to kindergarten!

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