Friday, January 8, 2010

Oh this kid!

Luke is a kid who needs his sleep. He turned five this fall and I can still get him to take a nap most days for at least 2 hours. When he is awake he is on full throttle so a lot of sleep is a necessity.

I know the the days of naps are fading away (nap time = mom time, hard to let that go).

A dark cold wintry afternoon seemed like good nap day to me. But shortly after closing the door to Luke's room I heard some noise. I let it go for about 20 minutes or so and then I opened the door.

I found all his incredible hulk fist on one hand, star wars lightsaber in the other, a soccer medal draped around his wrist, chuck e cheese crown on his head, bob the builder belt. He was ready for something.

And I looked a little closer. Stamps on his face. I neglected to notice that his new spiderman watch, he got for Christmas, had a stamp on the lid. Luke thought some stamps on his face would look nice.

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K said...

I love it! And it sounds EXACTLY like what Jack would do/does!