Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween the Waterford way

Halloween in Waterford is a treat! We do not trick or treat in our neighborhoods...all the people of Waterford go down to the little historic village of Waterford. The Waterford elementary school collects candy to hand out to the homes of those who live the village, each grade decorates a house with a theme amongst all of the other houses and the kiddos come and have fun. It is like our own little Sleepy Hollow. There is nothing like trick or treating in Waterford.

The theme this year was books made into movies. The houses that are decorated are more like a movie set than anything else. It is magical.
K - Charlotte Web with a farmer, animals, farming truck all to decorate the house
1st - Where the Wild Things Are with Max, his bed, a real boat, larger than life wild things
2nd - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with giant candy all over the place, fun music and lights
3rd - Chronicles of Narnia with all the magic of Narnia
4th - Harry Potter with giant spider, spooky shadows, lots and lots of things that looked straight out of Hogwarts.
5th - Journey to the Center of the Earth with smoke and it scared Luke a bit.

Carter and Luke dressed up as Batman and Joker. Luke was the cutest Batman...every time we went up and said trick or treat, the person would put the candy in his bag and his eyes would light up, followed with a big thank you! It was such a thrill for him. Carter was more than excited to spray his hair green.
The pumpkins that we carved were dropped off at the elementary school and taken down to the village for decoration. Carter and Luke thought it was pretty cool to find their pumpkins!

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