Monday, October 5, 2009

Luke's Big Goal

Soccer season has been underway. Jeremy as the coach. Luke playing up with Carter's team. Carter has scored goals throughout the season and has been doing really well.
Luke only being 4 years old playing with 6-7 year olds, has been keeping up really well. In fact, other than his size, you would not know him to be that much younger. He has been right in the mix (pushing, kicking, running) to get the ball.

Well this weekend, it happened. Luke broke away from the group with the ball (picture below). He dribbled right up to the goal and SCORE! He was so excited, he did a little dancing, fist pumps and finger pointing (Saturday night fever style) to celebrate.


IMHO said...

Good job!
Hey, we need a "Gander" report. What's up with the pup?

love ya, Debra - cousin who helped you catch waves on your raft :)

Michelle said...

Yeah for Luke, how cool was that!!1