Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Carter lost a front tooth.
All of us tried to help him pull it out over the past several days. Carter even gave Luke a chance. Luke pulled and pulled. Carter checked to see about the work that Luke had done and the tooth fell out!

He looks different without that tooth.

Of course, he wanted to get it ready for the tooth fairy; found a bag and wrote a note to the tooth fairy "toothfairy I will give my tooth to you".


K said...

I love it! He's getting so big! He looks like a "big kid" now... :) Congrats Carter!

nate and liz said...

Too funny! Mya ( my oldest) wanted me to pull a tooth out just so the tooth fairy would come visit her in her sleep. (did I mention her room is fairies???) :) Hope all is well!

Michelle said...

So cute!! He looks so big now.