Monday, July 27, 2009

OBX 2009

The vacation this summer was with some friends in the Outer Banks of NC. We all rented a house in Hatteras. With their four children and our three, we brought along babysitters to help with the crew (thank goodness because they entertained the kids).

We had gorgeous weather. Every day was at the beach. Playing in the sand and the water. Luke spent most of his time boogie boarding, Carter working in the sand and Brayden was relaxed, sleeping or trying out the water. Thankfully the weather was not too hot for Brayden and he could be at the beach with us.

We had a morning over on the sound side. The boys loved driving the car on the beach and Brayden loved the calm waters so he could sit and enjoy it.

The husbands went out for a day on a fishing charter...lets just say it was not the best day (you will have to ask them about it).

Luke was buried in the sand, probably the only time he was still. Carter dug holes.

Everyone was boogie boarding.

It was a great time.


Courtney said...

oh...i lOVE The one with Brayden smiling!!!

Tracy in MKE said...

Smiling... while wearing a turtle shirt! Perfect....

Andrea said...

How fun! What a big smile Brayden has; it lights up the whole picture!

Michelle said...

These are great pictures his smile can light up a room.