Saturday, May 2, 2009

Life with a Dog

How is our life with the dog? It depends on who you ask...

The boys are loving her. I love that the boys love her. Gander, the dog, loves Jeremy and seems to listen very well to him. Jeremy has been working on her retrieving skills (I want her to stop retrieving the stuffed animals from the boys' rooms). Gander is learning a lot and her swimming skills have improved.

Luke is definitely the one with the biggest change towards the dog. He has been extremely fearful of dogs because of bad experience a couple of years ago. So when Gander arrived he was very timid towards her. The first couple of weeks Gander was with us, she liked to play with white socks whether they were on some one's foot or not (we have since broken her of this). Luke did not like her biting at his socks so the first thing in the morning he would climb out of bed and put on his rubber boots! He would come downstairs in the morning in his jammies and rubber boots. Now he is all over the dog! He can not get enough of her.

Carter has been much more of a planner. He made a list of the things we should always have for Gander:

Squeaky Toy
Buons (Bones)
Wif Sum (With Some)
Tummese (Tummy Yummies, from Clifford the Big Red)
a Toy
and a bed.


Courtney said...

love the picture with the boots...

nate and liz said...

So jealous! We were forced to sell our adorable 6 month old boxer when we moved to VA. I want a Lab soooo badly (had them growing up) and love black ones!! I don't know how close we are to you... we are in Purcellville. But it would be fun to meet in person sometime. Blessings, prayers, and love to you and the fam~liz sullivan