Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Yes, we are getting a dog

When we decided to move to Waterford, we knew that getting a dog was in the near future. The boys, Jeremy included, have been patiently waiting the time to get a dog.

Jeremy and I both grew up with dogs (my family had the little dogs, Jeremy's had the big dogs). While I thought it might be humorous to get a miniature poodle just to have Jeremy walk it...the picture of that would just be too funny...we decided on a Lab.

Last weekend we went to the eastern shore of Maryland to visit the dog breeder and see all the puppies. All of those little puppies could melt any one's heart!

We will be getting a black Lab. A girl...I must have a girl, no more boys in this house. She will be named Gander (can you tell that I did not pick out the name, the boys did). She will be joining our family in a couple of weeks.

Pictures of Gander and one with her mommy.


Andy said...

yea! dogs are the best!

Courtney said...


K said...

So jealous, which is ridiculous! We had an old dog who died when Kylie was 6 months old. I was done with dogs for a while. Forever, I told the kids we could get another once Kylie was potty trained (which was 10 months ago). Now I totally want one, but Dan (the real dog-lover) isn't sure because of traveling and the heat here in Thailand!!! Gander looks adorable and will be a great addition and pal for your 3 boys! YAY!!!

Deidra said...

Oh if only this were a couple of years ago. We had a beautiful beloved black lab named Ella. When we moved, we decided it was time to find Ella a new with less stairs, more land and older kids. We were lucky to find someone, but we don't know them very well, so we haven't been in contact with them much over the past year and a half...sniff sniff...

It was such a difficult decision....we actually re-nigged on one family...that was totally embarassing...we were like, "Ummm...we think we may keep her after all...sorry to crush your kids' souls!"

OK- I'm sure you wanted to know that sob story:) Anyway- enjoy! I'm sure you're boys are in 7th heaven right now! Labs are such great family dogs too. Hope she will bring you years of companionship....and hair....there will be hair...everywhere:)

Andrea said...

Oh, fun! I love labs!