Monday, January 5, 2009

Bye Bye Baby Tooth

Carter lost his first tooth. It was several agonizing days of wiggling and not letting mommy or daddy pull it out.

After brushing his teeth this morning, it was really loose. Carter let me give it a tug and out it came!He was so excited and called anyone who would answer the phone.

Before loosing the tooth we discussed how much money he thought the tooth fairy should leave him. He declared that maybe $100 would be good, it was special because it was his first tooth. We talked him down and found that $2 would a good deal.

At night, he made a card for the tooth fairy.
There is a picture of a fairy (you can tell we live in a house of boys, he did not have a clue how to draw a fairy), a picture of the tooth and a picture of his mouth without the tooth.
He placed the card under his pillow, on the top bunk and in the back corner. The "tooth fairy" had to climb into the top bunk and attempt to switch out the card for the money. Carter woke when exchange was happening but was easily convinced that mommy really wanted a goodnight hug.


Andrea said...

That is hilarious. Yea for Carter! I loved losing teeth and the feeling of them being all wiggly in my mouth (which grosses some people out, I know.)
The painting of your dad in the above post looks good! I'm bummed we never made it into the White House while he was there, but it was enough to even see his office and walk through that awesome conference room. =) Tim is still mesmerized by it.

Beth Demorest said...

that is really funny. Kailey is loosing teeth as well and the other night she lost her tooth in the house before it made it under her pillow. She was in tears and I explained to her that if she wrote a note that the tooth fairy would understand. She did write a note and in it requested a toy and some money. So much for her being grateful for the $1.00 she was getting. kids are so cute

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