Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Celebrate 6

Carter celebrated his 6th birthday with his new kindergarten friends and neighbors. The party was all about fall: costumes, decorating pumpkins and candy (only a little bit). The party was a blast. It was interesting seeing Carter interact with all of his new friends. He was definitely a gracious host, making sure everyone had a pumpkin to decorate, handing out the cake before he ate his and organizing everyone for activities.

It was beautiful weather so all of the children could play outside (thank goodness). The moonbounce was pushed to its limits by a crowd of kindergartners. All of the kids looked adorable in their costumes. Carter was Batman and Luke was Robin (or Wobin, as he says it). Brayden will be in costume for Halloween, he slept in his Papa's lap for most of the party anyway.

Carter had a wonderful time, he loves being with everyone. At one point during the party, he came running inside. I asked him what was wrong. He said, "Nothing, I just wanted to tell you my party is fun!"

He had a blast. I know that I am not cut out to be a Kindergarten teacher.

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The Guedet Family said...

Carrie, you are so brave to have all those kids over!!! I had a friend party for JJ and Natalie one year and decided not to do that ever again! Just family from now on :) We went put-putting for JJ's bday party...I was afraid that someone was going to get their eye poked out. They were swinging the putters like drivers and hitting the balls out of the putting course over the fence :). I could not be a kindergarten teacher either :)