Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Luke's Big Day

Luke started his second year of preschool. It was his day today. He could select anything he wanted for breakfast. He picked a donut (so my child) but added some fruit because of mommy's persuasion. He was ready for his first day of preschool. When we arrived at school he told me, "Luke go to preschool, not Carter, just Luke." And then told me, "I carry my backpack in, not you." He was trying to be the big boy. He entered his class with excitement and sat down ready to start. He was thrilled to have his big preschool day.


Matt & Shannon said...

Hi Carrie & Jeremy (and your beautiful boys)-

Thank you so much for commenting on our blog. It was wonderful to hear from you. We would love to catch up and get together. Communicating with another mom who can relate is an amazing gift.

If you are interested, you can e-mail me at shannontravels@gmail.com.

(We LOVE clemijontri park, too. I saw on your blog that your family loves that park as well.)


Kecia said...

Your boys are soooo cute!!!
I was moved by your story...
I am praying for your family!