Saturday, August 23, 2008

Restful time at the Lake

We returned from our trip to Lake Anna, in VA. It was a big family vacation in a house filled with Jenkins: Grandma & Papa Jenkins, Uncle Jon, Aunt Shelley, Anna, Holland, Austin & Brooklyn, Aunt Heather & Uncle Brian and our crew.
It was non stop action.
There was a selection of activities (no relaxing on the boat):

Perhaps some time on the wave runner.
Jeremy & Luke; Carrie & Carter

Or tubing
Jeremy, Carter & Luke; Jonathan, Austin & Brooklyn
Or watersking
Jeremy; Anna giving it a really good try each day

Or playing on the shore
Anna & Carter; Luke & Brooklyn
Or exploring
Jeremy & Carter; Holland & Carter looking for the animals in the trees
Or fishing
Luke; Carter
Anna & Holland; Austin
Or playing football/wrestling
Carter and Papa; Luke
Jonathan, Brian, Jeremy & Papa; Anna, Carter, Luke & Papa
You cannot forget the snack and nap time.
Luke; Brayden, who didn't mind the life vest at all.
Carter and Luke had a wonderful time. Thankfully Brayden enjoyed the boat and the weather was not too hot for him.
Papa & Brayden

The boys enjoyed the lake and want to know when we will be going again.


Beth Demorest said...

So glad to hear that the trip went well. It looks like you all had a great time and I was happy to see a pic. of you on the wave runner...=)

Elaina said...

It's a vacation trip full of fun & adventure.