Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hook Him Up

Brayden is hooked up! April 23rd, Brayden went to Fairfax Hospital for surgery. The surgery was successful and he now has his G-tube. He looked so adorable in his little hospital gown with pants, we had to take a picture. Brayden stayed at the hospital for three days and the nurses made us practice feeding him through the G-tube. We are learning how to hook him up to everything. Right now it is quite a process but once we get the hang of things we should be able to do it with our eyes closed! He is still pretty sore but for the most part he is adjusting pretty well.

While we were at the hospital, the pediatric rheumatologist scheduled some blood work (done during the surgery) and stopped in to see Brayden. After the rheumatologist’s assessment, she found that he does not have Vasogenic edema and that the red hands/feet are probably related to his brain abnormalities; the brain’s difficulty to regulate blood and circulation. We will still see some more doctors to check on some additional possibilities for the red hands/feet.

We are a bit sleep deprived but happy to be home.
Thank you for everyone’s prayers. It went as smoothly as it could go.

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