Friday, November 2, 2007

Brayden's adventure to the ER

Apparently Brayden thought things around here were a bit boring so he decided to shake things up yesterday. I went in to wake him up and found him having a seizure, what I thought was a "normal" seizure for him. I picked him up and brought him into our room, the seizure did not stop. He would start to come out of it and then go back into a seizure again. I tried feeding him and giving him medication but I could not even get his mouth open.
After about 10-15 minutes I called Jeremy. He rushed home and we called the neurologist at Children's Hospital. She told us to call 911 and get him to the ER.

The ambulance came to get Brayden but we had to wait for the medic to arrive as well. The teams that arrived were more freaked out than we were. You say a baby is having seizures and people really start moving. By the time we arrived at the Loudoun ER, Brayden was still coming in and out of seizures. At this point he had been coming in and out of seizures for about one hour. His typical seizures last only 30 seconds. He was given an IV and eventually started Ativan which knocked him out and stopped the seizures. He slept for a couple of hours. Jeremy and I woke him up to feed. Brayden nursed really well but shortly after started twitching again on half of his body. It was decided to give him another dose of Ativan (half a dose). We waited. Again he started twitching. He was given another medication, Fosphenytoin, that is in his system for 24 hours. All of the seizures and twitching stopped. The doctor at Loudoun was great. She was in constant contact with the neurology department at Children's Hospital. The neurologist could immediately pull up Brayden's file and help the Loudoun doctor make the appropriate decisions. After the final medication, Brayden was sent home.

We are not sure what brought on all of the seizures. He had some blood taken to see if there was an infection but everything came back fine. Seizures can be triggered if there is an infection or fever. Brayden did not have either. He slept great last night and is doing fine this morning.

I rode in the ambulance with him to the ER, Jeremy followed behind shortly after sending Carter and Luke to the neighbors house. Warren (Jeremy's dad) came to pick the boys up and take them back to Grandma's house. Carter and Luke spent the day with them and had a wonderful time. When you ask Luke how his day was he says, "I had cake!"

Brayden is going to see his neurologist this week. For now we have increased his seizure medication and we have a dose of some powerful stuff in case he goes into another prolonged episode.

Oh the adventures of Brayden Jenkins. It seems as though he wants to see the inside of every hospital in the metro area, so far we have hit most of them.

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