Saturday, September 27, 2014

Back on the Field

Carter was cleared to play.  His wrist healed and he started back (eased his way) to practice.  Things feeling a little tight but he was ready.  The first night he dressed for practice, he could barely contain his excitement to get back out with his team.
Luke's team had a BIG win.  Luke scored two touchdowns (both called back because of a teammate holding).  One of the touchdowns he caught a great pass and ran it in.  And he did a great job blocking for his teammates!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Cleared to Play!

Oh thank goodness Carter's wrist has healed and he has been cleared to play sports.  He is thrilled to finally get back to football and basketball (tryouts coming up soon).
He was so worried before appointment.  But he got the word and we saw the new x-rays that both bones have healed.
No better way to celebrate than with some sugar, his choice.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Tough Football Weekend

Carter is having a hard time sitting on the sideline this season.  I can see him chop his fingernails when the game is close and this week was a close one.  The Knights did walk away with a great win.
Luke turn and they won, with great confidence!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Football Games in Sept

One crazy hot September weekend.  On the turf, was over 90 degrees.  Long day for these little leaguers.  Carter #2.  Luke #28. 
Carter was out for his broken wrist but still serves as captain.  He goes to every practice and game, trying to support his teammates the best he can.  This week playing at Woodgrove and walking away with a big win.
Luke's team played over at Loudoun Valley and it was one hot game.  They went into over time and lost.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

3 Schools 1 Year

Start of the school year.
Luke was the first off to school.  Ready for his 4th grade year at Waterford.  Excited.
Running to get on the bus, hoping to get in the back of the bus...
Luke's bus was a bit late, a different bus arrived because theirs broke down...on the first day of school.  The kids didn't even notice it came late or that is was a different bus, they were all just excited.

Carter was the next to go.  Off to Harmony for his 6th grade year, starting middle school.  Not nervous.  After going over his schedule with older boys, telling him he had good teachers and finding a couple of friends did have classes with him, he was ready to go.
Then it was Brayden's turn.  Driving him the first week of school, to and from...because transportation mixed up a lot of the special ed buses.  He should have a bus next week.  We arrived at school and Brayden apparently tried to pretend he was not there, refusing to open his eyes.  Then once we entered the building the fussing started.  After some serious attention from the ladies in special ed, he settled down.
He will be so tired after a long day of school.

I cannot wait to hear all about their first day.  Brayden will more than likely not be happy with me since I took him to school.  But to hear about Carter's first day of middle school and Luke's time with a great teacher.