Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat Waterford Style

All day long Luke asked "Is it time for trick 'n treating yet?" I told him that it would be time when it was dark. Then he asked over and over again. "When is it time for dark?"

Halloween is always fun. Dressing up and lots of candy. Well, Waterford does Halloween right. The historic village hosts tons of trick or treaters. The old homes and dark streets make for perfect Halloween scenery. The elementary school decorates several houses and helps supply the candy. When I say decorate, I do not mean just some fun lights and pumpkins. They really take it to another level. This barn was decorated like Halloween in Mexico and even had a Mariachi band playing outside.

We joined several families for the adventure. Carter and Luke were ready as Batman and Robin. Brayden opted not to wear a costume this year. The boys were thrilled with the amount of candy and had lots of fun seeing friends all dressed up.


Andrea said...

I love their costumes! By the way, DC on the Friday after Thanksgiving sounds great. Can your dad get us into the White House or anything? We're so excited to see you guys!!

K said...

Go boys! You look like one great crime fighting duo!