Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Carter is 6

Carter Paxton is 6 years old today.

This morning I was in bed (the boys are my daily wake up call around 6:00 a.m.) and listening to Carter. He gets up each morning, makes his bed, turns off his nightlight and fan, then comes into my room. Sometimes he hums or talks to himself. Today he was singing Happy Birthday.

Carter has pretty much been the same child from the beginning. Sweet and mild mannered. He tends to be very meticulous and expecting bit of perfection in everything his does. He loves being outdoors. He loves, loves animals. The moment he could talk he knew that he was going to be a zookeeper. When he started preschool at 2 years old, the teacher asked the children to draw a picture of an animal. Most children drew pictures of dogs or cats. Carter drew a picture of a wombat. Just last week he told his teacher the difference of a camel and dromedary.

Carter is 6 years old. He is a Kindergartner. I can still get a good cuddle from him. He might hold my hand if he forgets that he is a big boy now.

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The Guedet Family said...

Carrie, I can't believe Carter is 6. I remember going to Myrtle Beach with you guys when he was little! Let's do it again :)